10 Ways How to recovering your Data

10 Ways How to recovering your Data

10 Ways How to recovering your Data  We have to protect the very important data in our computers ‘ hard disks. And the data is corrupted, which can lead to a big financial itkilərinə, in particular, if the data is out of the company reports. Fortunately, restoring your lost data is easy, but you only get one chance. In this article, we have shared a few tips to help you boost your chances to heal and to prevent any accidental damage. Read on to find out more.

1. Physical Damage

If you hear strange noises, turn off the power supply immediately. You should respond in the same way, if you find your system’s performance, failure to name the files or files that are missing. No power loss, which will cause physical damage to the spindle, the tile, or a read/write head.

2. Logical Damage

To turn off the power, if you have accidentally deleted some important files, or reformatting the drive. If you wish to cancel the right process, it will overwrite some of the data, and prevent the corruption of another.

3. The Installation of the Computer Hardware and Software

You can get your password back to it after you’ve installed new hardware or software, all you need to do is cancel it for new installations. A few examples of the new hardware, accessories, USB flash drive, audio, and PCI cards.

4. E-mail

To remove the disc, and install it on a different computer. If it doesn’t show up in the BIOS or is making any noise, the use of professional for restoration.

5. Firmware corruption

If the driver does not load the OS, turn off the COMPUTER immediately. You should do the same thing on the album is showing the wrong information, incorrectly, as a file, read the files, the model number is wrong, or the wrong size.

6. Removing the unit

If you would like to remove the hard disk of your pc, disconnect from the network, before disconnecting the cable. In addition, it is important for you to ground yourself in these elements do not suffer from static damage.

7. DIY Data Recovery tools

If your hard drive is not physically damaged, you can move it to another pc, to verify the integrity of the system. If, however, you may find that your operating system is damaged, or the host COMPUTER has a problem with the hardware, you can restore the data without any problem.


Turn off the server and allows it to be used in the future as this is really important to you.

9. SQL Server

Back up your data to another drive, before you try to fix something. You can also browse for tickets, customer service, and support to get assistance from Microsoft or take a drive to a data recovery service. Don’t forget to provide the professional with a full and updated list of priorities, and structures of a database.

10. MS Exchange

Before you try to fix something, make sure that you have copied all your important files, including the. LOG in. FOOTAGE FROM THE ED

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